Why Is Sex So Important In A Couple?

Dissatisfaction with sexual frequency is undoubtedly the most discussed reason for consultation in my office. At the same time, these couples assure me that they have an almost exemplary relationship. They have fun together, discuss many things, have a great bond, offer gestures of affection on a daily basis, but their bed is only used for sleeping. In short, they are the best friends in the world and not lovers. Then they come to see me to find this sexual desire, simply because in their memories, this moment of intimacy did them the greatest good! Before immersing yourself in a sexological process to find these magical moments, you must first be aware of what sex can do for you daily. Here is my top 5.

To Live A Deep Connection

More and more scientific research shows that sexuality is not a physical necessity. The frustration felt during long abstinence is usually the result of an unsatisfied psycho-emotional need. This is also the reason why you have the impression that masturbation cannot fully fulfill the desire that inhabits you. It can calm him down, no doubt, but it won’t replace this deep connection you have with your partner during sex.

To Develop A Sexual Bond

The relationship is not always enough to consolidate the love they have for each other. Moments of sexual intimacy help you stay focused on your mutual excitement. Explore the caresses that stimulate you, the positions that illuminate you and why not the erotic toys that excite you! It is a fact, to develop a sexual bond you must make a line about this fatigue and explore together the sexuality that will be in your image!

To Do Good

Sex is good, that’s all. When he has worked on his blockages and limits thoughts related to sexuality, the latter becomes satisfactory and helps him feel better. Obviously, there is a hormonal part where oxytocin (attachment hormone) is secreted after intercourse and endorphin, which increases the feeling of well-being. The moments of sexual intimacy with our partner lighten the heart and shine daily.

To Get Away From The Roommate

Over time, a couple who moves away from their sex life becomes closer to their life as roommates. Often, the more intense the passion at the beginning, the more passivity prevails over the years. Why? Because the partners have assumed that magic works alone. However, this is not the case and a couple inevitably needs an effort to maintain the sexual flame. If you wait for the desire to come from heaven by magic, you may have to wait a long time …

To Open Up To Others

Sex is a mode of communication. When we share a sexuality with our partner, we give the key to privileged access to our privacy. If it is difficult to open in this way, it may be because something is wrong in the relationship. The higher the level of happiness in the couple, the more lovers will want to approach. And the closer they get, the higher their level of happiness will be. Isn’t it wonderful as a vicious circle?

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