What To Know Before A Tattoo?

The decision to get a tattoo should never be taken lightly. Although there are now ways to get rid of a permanent tattoo, these are expensive, painful and sometimes ineffective. When we choose to mark our bodies with permanent ink in this way, we must assume that the design we have chosen will follow us until the end of our days.

Not only must you be psychologically prepared before undergoing the tattoo artist’s needle, but it is also important to prepare your body for the procedure.

In fact, even if it is often considered harmless, tattooing remains an intrusive intervention that involves risks. That is why it is important to be well prepared before taking the step.

Before Taking A Decision

When you decide to get a permanent tattoo, the ideal is to make your decision several weeks in advance. This is not the kind of gesture we want to make on a whim! You should choose a suitable place and a tattoo artist, as well as a design that is really meaningful, but you should also make sure that the tattoo is a good decision.

Contraindications To Tattoo

First, it is essential that you be informed about the contraindications related to the tattoo. No matter how psychologically you are convinced of your decision, this form of body art may not be right for you, especially for health reasons.

Blood Disease

So, if you have AIDS or hepatitis B or C, or if you have hemophilia or diabetes (diabetics are more prone to infections of all kinds), you should not consider getting tattooed, which can have serious consequences.

Allergies And Skin Reactions

People who have very sensitive skin and who are particularly prone to allergies and skin reactions should also refrain; Those who have a known allergy to pigments should never be tattooed!

The Pregnancy

It is also better for pregnant women, due to the variation in weight, wait until the pregnancy ends before taking action. Nor should they run any risk (bad reactions, infections or allergies) that could endanger the fetus.

Weight Change

Finally, some people tend to gain or lose more weight than normal. If this is your case, think twice before getting a tattoo and choose the location of your body well. The skin can be elastic, the fact is that significant variations in the shape of your body could risk distorting the design.

Before Your Tattoo Appointment


In the days before your appointment with the tattoo artist, it is recommended to pay attention to certain things that could make the intervention difficult. In the days or even the weeks before the operation, do not expose the area to tattoo in the sun.

If you have no other option, protect your skin with a protective SPF 30 screen, at a minimum. You will not want to burn yourself with the sun, which would make the tattoo even more painful.


Know that the pain is felt more intensely when one is tired. Therefore, it is preferable to rest before the big day, be in good shape and face the needles better! Also avoid participating in a sporting activity that is too intense, since physical effort leads to the dilation of blood vessels, which is not recommended when preparing to get a tattoo.

Hair Removal

In cases where the area to be tattooed is particularly hairy, it is ideal to shave or shave before going through the needle of the artist. Most tattoo artists will shave the area themselves after applying the color. If you choose to use waxing, it is best to proceed at least one week before your appointment. In fact, this technique tends to leave the skin flushed and sensitive, which does not go well with tattoos …

Also keep in mind that when tattooing a hairy area, this does not prevent hair from growing back. It is better to think about it before taking action. Some will opt for permanent hair removal (laser or electrolysis) before getting a tattoo. This option is completely legitimate. However, these hair removal methods sensitize the skin; It is better to take the time to complete the treatment, then wait a few more weeks before making an appointment with a tattoo artist.


In the days before your appointment, take care of your skin more than normal. Do not skimp on hydration, because dry skin will obviously be more sensitive. Use a rich body lotion and drink plenty of water for at least a week before tattooing; These are good habits for a lifetime! The day before the appointment, take the time to exfoliate your body with a horsehair glove or a gentle scrub to remove dead cells. Remember to apply your moisturizing lotion later.

Drugs And Alcohol

Some people, fearful of the pain caused by a tattoo, choose to drink alcohol or use drugs before the appointment. This is a very bad idea. Alcohol can have a relaxing effect, but it also has the effect of dilating blood vessels.

As for illegal drugs sold on the black market, they sometimes contain components that you have no control over and that can cause unpleasant reactions, particularly rashes or seizures!

Anyway, when you get a tattoo, it is really better to be in possession of your means; Now is not the time to make a bad decision, the consequences of which could be felt in the coming years.

In fact, almost all tattooists will refuse to proceed if they discover that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


If you are worried about pain, there is nothing that prevents you from taking an analgesic tablet one hour before the session. Choose ibuprophen or acetaminophen, but avoid salicylic acid (aspirin) at all costs, as it dilates blood vessels and will make you bleed more.


In the tattoo studio, there are a few more steps to take before he gets to work. Make sure you use a new and packaged needle, otherwise there may be a risk of transmission of various diseases. It is also important that you disinfect your skin before getting a tattoo.

If you are not comfortable or if you doubt the cleanliness of the place and the skills of the tattoo artist, run away! Even if you paid part of the cost in advance, it makes no sense to save some money if you have to take risks to your health.

Note: However, keep in mind that the vast majority of tattoo parlors are especially medicated in terms of hygiene.

In conclusion

If you have thought about your decision and are taking the trouble to properly prepare your body for the tattoo, the procedure should normally go well. However, keep in mind that even for the best prepared person in the world, tattooing carries certain risks, as it is an intrusive procedure.

One can put all the possibilities on their side before, during and after the procedure, but there is no guarantee that there will be no undesirable consequences. In case you notice an infection or any other abnormal reaction after being tattooed, do not hesitate to consult a doctor quickly.

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