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At, the main concern for us is safeguarding the privacy of the traffic accessing the website. Our Privacy Policy document is well equipped with all the needed information that is collected and recorded, and complete know-how of the usage is mentioned.

Log Files

At World Health Pedia, we follow a standardized method using which log files are used. When any visitors visit the websites, these files automatically, as a rule, log the visitors and accumulate the data concerning the same to conduct further an analytical study to know how the website is performing. The information that gets stored via log files is used to do a quick graphical analysis to see the number of visitor’s likes, comments, the time duration of visitors glued to the website, and gathering other vital demographic information. All this information is in no way linked to any other kind of personal identity of the visitors. The reason for collecting the information is more to identify the growth pattern, analyze what works and what does not work, gather demographic information to thereby work constructively to uphill the portal.


Third-party ad servers often use cookies. The role played by cookies is storing data of the visitor’s on the portal. This is to identify the preferences of visitors logging in and to know which pages are mostly liked and accessed by the visitors. Cookies allow the portal automatically to receive your IP address when you visit our site. The information is used to optimize the users’ experience and understand and interpret the effectiveness of the ad by customizing our web page content as per the users comfort on the visited websites.

It is also possible to disable the cookies through individual browser options. You can explore more about how the cookies function and get detailed information about cookie management by browsing the respective website.

Protecting Children’s Information

We have given utmost importance to protecting your child’s information while using the internet. As a parent or a guardian, we request you to observe and monitor your child’s online activity, for children under the age of 16. However, if it comes to your notice that your child has provided any personal information on our website, which you strongly disagree to, contact us immediately! We will be there to assist you to the best of our efforts and promptly remove any such invalid information.


When you access our website, you at this moment, give your consent to agree to our Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries concerning the Privacy Policy we follow, kindly do not be uncertain about writing to us through a quick mail at Also you can contact us by clicking here.

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