Eat Well When You Have An Unusual Schedule

In Canada, 25% of workers have an atypical work schedule. According to numerous studies, these people have an increased risk of developing weight problems, high cholesterol, digestive disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Here are some recommendations to keep your body healthy if your schedule is different than most.

1. Drink Water

Even if it is not a food, it is essential to remember that your body needs at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. In fact, it is thanks to water that the body can extract the energy present in food. Always have a bottle of water on hand and be sure to fill it several times during your shift.

2. Provide Snacks

When we have an atypical schedule, energy reductions are sometimes more frequent; We are thinking in particular about people who work at night. In addition to the three conventional meals, it is important to eat snacks between them to maintain a stable level of blood sugar and maintain. The choice of snacks should not be taken at random. They should combine carbohydrates and proteins such as yogurt and nuts, or raw vegetables and a hard-boiled egg. Make a list of snacks to choose from, so you don’t get bored and vary nutrients.

3. Prepare In Advance

Preparing meals prevents you from eating on the go when you are in a hurry. When we cook, we take the opportunity to make larger portions, which we freeze. You can also prepare basic dishes that are easily stored in the refrigerator, such as mashed vegetables, cooked cereals such as quinoa or brown rice, sliced ​​vegetables ready to cook or eat raw. Cook chicken breasts that you can eat in sandwiches or salads. Prepare legumes such as lentils and some hard boiled eggs. All these foods prepared with criteria will allow you to eat healthy and you will never run out of ideas!

4. Skills To Buy Food: The Basis Of Good Nutrition

To eat well, you must know how to make the right decisions at the supermarket. The essential foods to have in your basket: fresh vegetables, various proteins, legumes and whole grains. To this we add frozen vegetables that are very practical for frying, frozen fruits that we add to smoothies, walnuts in bags and unsweetened applesauce that you can easily put in your lunch bag. Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

5. Prohibit Too Much Sugar And Coffee

People with atypical work schedules are much more tempted to consume soda, chocolate and candy. Certainly, these foods will provide an energy boost, but they will be very short and fatigue will come back even more. Remember that, like sugar, caffeine stimulates brain activity, but does not provide real energy, and its effect is also short-lived.

6. Eat On The Go, But Not Anything

If you have no choice but to eat out because you simply have not had time to prepare a meal, make wise decisions. Needless to say, avoid fast food restaurants. In the restaurant, choose the vegetarian option from the menu, that is, the dish that contains more vegetables. If you have a salad, ask for the dressing on the side, they are often too salty. Spend your turn at dessert and have a fruit instead.

Finally, these few habits to integrate into your routine can facilitate your work, but, above all, allow you to be more efficient and productive during your shifts.

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